Cycle Touring India Wednesday 2nd November. Gorakhpur to Aralaj. 103 miles.

Just as well I was up early this morning the boy who was looking after the rooms on my floor was a bit to keen! 6am the phone goes and he starts saying something to which I didn’t have a clue, the next thing I heard him say that he was coming to my room, 2 seconds later there was a knock on the door and there he stood with a newspaper, he tried to come in the room but I wasn’t having any of it and said thank you and closed the door. A few minutes later there was another knock on the door this time he had a clean towel and gestured to come in and change it over, once he was in I had a nightmare trying to get rid of him I just wanted to pack my stuff up and get going but he wasn’t taking the hint so in the end I just shewed him out!

Wooded road
Cycling through lovely woods this morning

It was a really pleasant ride out of Gorakhpur this morning it was all through woods which made a nice change most of the roads I’ve been on have been open with no shade unfortunately it never lasted for long and I was back out in the open.

Big spiders in the woods
Big spiders in the woods

I was going to stop a lot earlier today as I thought it might be a bit hard to find anywhere, but the hotel I went to check in to just didn’t feel right I wasn’t very happy where passepartout was going to be and after all if passepartout isn’t safe then there’s no way I’m staying! There was other hotels in the town but I just done my normal can’t be arsed thing and left! Hence why I had to cycle another 30 miles and into the night, but at least I feel more comfortable knowing passepartout is safe, he’s in my room!

Colourful rickshaw
Colourful rickshaws

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  1. Wow! 103 miles – I don’t know how you do it. Lovely picture of the trees. Could you give some idea of the common trees out there? Out on the open road – that’s the life.

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