Wednesday 2nd November

French countryside
Autumn colours in the French countryside

Wed 2. Le Nouvion to Margut 81 miles. Much better day today despite nearly riding head long into a lorry first thing, that’s two mornings on the trot now, maybe it’s my medication! Very hilly ride to start with and very foggy, it’s so dark in the mornings, it doesn’t get light until about 7.30 and I like to be on the road by 6 am. The sun came out this afternoon, just need to get rid of that headwind that I’ve had since entering France and it will all be good. Don’t like these short days it just gets dark so early. The campings not going so well there doesn’t seem to be many campsites around or if there is, their always to soon to stop, then it just gets to dark to find them, so I’ve sort of decided that if a campsite comes up when I’m ready to stop all well and good if not it’ll be anything else, ie hotel, motel or auberge! Hopefully the extra cost incurred can be clawed back in Asia! Think I was getting a bit ahead of myself today, I was thinking about my next tour!!

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