Bicycle-Touring Europe 2nd-October 2013

Bicycle-Touring Europe 2nd-October 2013 Bakar to Karlobag. 75 miles. This whole trip is starting to feel like a real battle of attrition! Every day there seems to be something. If it’s not the relentless hills, it’s wind and rain and, of course, the ongoing saga of my sciatica! Which I must admit is really starting to get me down now! It’s so annoying and frustrating that I feel fit and fine when cycling. But as soon as I stop, the pain starts, and everything is a struggle, and I’m still not sleeping that well! I think I’ve only had a couple of good days since leaving home!

It’s been another battle with the wind today! Admittedly not all the time, but there were a few occasions when I struggled to stay on the bike! Which when you’re cycling on a road with no barrier! And a 100-foot sheer drop next to you! It’s no fun! Luckily the roads haven’t been that busy. So I’ve taken to riding in the middle of the road! I think the wind along this coast must be a regular occurrence. There were signs here and there saying road closed due to strong winds! So maybe I was lucky to get through!

Sunset over the sea
Lovely sunset, viewed from my hotel balcony

I’m staying at an all-inclusive hotel tonight. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include any alcohol! Maybe my reputation proceeds me!

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