Wednesday 2nd October 2013 – Bakar to Karlobag.

Bakar to Karlobag. 75 miles.

This whole trip is starting to feel like a real battle! I think I’ve only had a couple of good days, everyday there seems to be something! If it’s not relentless hills it’s wind and rain and of course my ongoing saga of my bad leg, which I must admit is really starting to get me down! It’s so annoying and frustrating that I feel fit and fine when I’m cycling but as soon as I stop that’s it the pain starts and everything seems to be such a struggle and I’m still not sleeping that well!
It’s been a real battle again today the wind has been so strong admittedly not all the time but at different points I struggled to stay on the bike, which wasn’t enjoyable when your on the edge of the road with no barrier and a sheer drop of a hundred feet or so! Luckily the roads not been that busy so I’ve taken to riding in the middle of the road! Think the wind along this coastline must be fairly normal and maybe not as strong as it can sometimes get! I noticed in quite a few places that there were barriers with signs on saying road closed due to strong wind, so maybe I was lucky!

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