Wednesday 30th July. Cheltenham to Netley Abbey. 111 miles.

Bit of a disturbed nights sleep last night, what with car alarms going off, phones going, baby’s crying and people coming in late and making a lot of noise, I’m surprised I’ve got as far as I have! My original plan was to stop in Devizes but I decided it was a bit too early! Next I thought I’d stop at Salisbury but because I didn’t go past the campsite I just kept going (very rarely do I deviate from my route to find accommodation only at a push do I!) Next on my list was one I saw on the map at a place called Ower just before Southampton, this one I did divert for only half a mile though as I knew that if I didn’t stop here I’d have to go through Southampton before I would find anything else! When I got to the campsite it said members only but you could join here! Balls to that I thought, I’m not paying out to be in some sort of organisation just so I can camp for one night! By now I’d resigned myself that I would possibly have to cycle home or at least to Portsmouth another 20 miles away where I knew there was a campsite. Luckily not too far out of Southampton I came across the site that I’m at now. Decided that I’d call by Stonehenge on the way back, that was a mistake you can’t get anywhere near it these days unless you pay £15! £15 just to see a few stones they’ve even taken away the road that runs past it so you can’t see them! I did however go up a dirt track and got a glimpse of them from there!

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