Wednesday 31st July. Shawbirch to Hockley Heath. 55 Miles.

Well that was a good day, and a good evening last night!

After checking into last night’s hotel and having a shower, I went to the pub next door.

Upon arrival the staff were apologising that they’d been so busy today that they had run out of most things!

Canal and bridge
My route to the Brooks factory

Undeterred, after all there was nowhere else I could go I sat down. Anyway the long and short of it all was, that after messing up my order and having to wait, all I got charged was £7, a two course meal and all my beer! Happy days!

Today’s ride was also good, it’s been mainly spent on towpaths beside the many canals that are around Birmingham.

Canal and boats
I was on a canal going over a canal

I managed to find the Brooks factory okay, I just had a bit of a nightmare finding my way in! But once in I was soon looked after by Stefano and Kasia. Five minutes was all it took, five minutes! To repair my saddle!

After thanking them both and swapping my saddles over, I was once again on my way.

Factory sign
Sign outside the Brooks factory

I can feel my bum beginning to recover already! And unless you ride with a Brooks you won’t really know or appreciate what I’m saying, but trust me they are by far the best and most comfortable saddle going!

Bicycle saddle
Such a comfortable ride this afternoon

Coming out, or rather crossing Birmingham was relatively easy, I just followed the canals. I was going to follow the canal all the way to Stratford Upon Avon, but the nice tow path that I’d been on ran out, replaced with a track!

2 Replies to “Wednesday 31st July. Shawbirch to Hockley Heath. 55 Miles.”

  1. I spent a year in B’ham and never saw any of those canals.You were lucky to get your saddle fixed. I’ll bet a new one costs the earth. It’s good to be out on the road.

    1. It’s probably only in recent years that the canals have come back to life. When you lived there I bet they were hardly used!
      Their not cheap, but worth every penny!

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