Wednesday 4 March. Felpham to Hastings 67 miles.

Well I’ve finally managed to get away, not too sure how far I’ll get though, I’ve not managed to get to where I wanted to be tonight so not really the best of starts! And I’ve done my normal thing of intending to camp but ended up staying in a hotel! But in my defence there’s not that many campsites open this time of year!I’ve found it more and more frustrating being at home, not being able to do very much at all. I put two plants in the garden yesterday (brought on my outing on Sunday) and I found that such hard work, yet today I feel that I’ve done a lot more and I feel fine! It’s seems to me that anything I do that involves standing up just hurts!I must admit though I have cheated a bit on this cycle ride as I made sure that I headed in the same direction as the wind was blowing, so not only have I been blown along today I’ve also been taking loads of drugs! (for my back)As I said earlier I’m not too sure how far I’m going or where I’m just going to follow the coast and see where I end up! I’ve got until Sunday night before I’ve got to be home so hopefully I’ll cover a good few miles! Although going on today’s effort maybe not!

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