Bike-Ride to Australia 4th-April-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Wednesday 4th-April-2012 Nullarbor to Nundroo. 90 miles. Late start this morning. I’m not too sure if it’s because my alarm didn’t go off or if I heard it and just went back to sleep. The clocks have also gone forward again, and it was still dark, which may have had something to do with it. But I was still on the road by eight o’clock.

I’m suffering a bit today. I think I may have had a little too much sun yesterday. And I’m now wearing a towel on my head to shade me from the sun.

Man in hat and glasses
It’s McGivern of Arabia

I saw my first snake today, which was darkish brown and about three feet long. I went to take a photo, but it had disappeared under a bush by the time I’d got my camera out. And I certainly wasn’t going to poke around the bush just to get a photo! I also saw what I thought was a tabby cat. I thought it was Puss, my cat from home, but obviously not. Hopefully, Puss is okay, and somebody’s been in to feed her! Of course, she’s being fed. I rented her out with my house.

I’m Not The Only Idiot

I bumped into another cyclist today, going in the opposite direction. He had a puncture and was pulled up along the side of the road, repairing it. He was on one of those recumbent bikes, which apparently is a more natural cycling position. Personally, I’m not convinced. I wouldn’t fancy being so low down. He’d been on the road for four years! Although after talking to him, I thought he was more of a hobo than a cyclist. He cycles from town to town and finds temporary work for a few weeks before moving on. And he said he had no intention of travelling abroad. He didn’t see the point! And if he cycles 60km in a day, that’s a long day, which after looking at the trailer he pulls around, I can see why. He carries sixty litres of water and enough food for twenty days.

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