Wednesday 4th April 2012 – Nullarbor to Nundroo. 90 miles

Nullarbor to Nundroo. 90 miles

Was up late today, not sure if my alarm didn’t go off or what but it’s not a problem, think it’s probably because the clocks have gone forward again and it was still dark, I was still on the road at 8 o’clock.

Suffering a bit from the sun today think maybe I had too much of it yesterday, had to wear a towel underneath my hat to try and keep it off me a bit.

Saw my first snake today, a darkish brown about 3ft long, by the time I’d got my camera out it had disappeared under a bush and I certainly wasn’t going to poke around the bush just to get a photo! Also saw what I thought was a tabby cat, thought it was Puss, my cat from home, but obviously not. Hope Puss is OK and being looked after?

Saw another cyclist today going in the opposite direction on one of those recumbent cycles. He’d been on the road for 4 years only in Australia, he said if he does 60km a day that’s a good day! He carries 60 litres of water and food for 20 days, it was a massive load he was carrying, he sacrifices distance to carry all his stuff!

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