Wednesday 4th January 2012 – still in Dhaka!

Talking to reception last night, I was telling them where I was mainly eating and it got the normal response about not being very hygienic and all that, whatever! At breakfast this morning as I was sitting drinking my coffee, a rat run across the floor and up the back of one of the curtains, and that’s hygienic!? Went off to the Chinese embassy again this morning, all looking good this time, so hopefully pick my visa up tomorrow.

Managed to source some bubble wrap to wrap my wheels in and a bag for flying, quite a good productive day.

Saw my first rickshaw accident, which is surprising considering how many there are and the way they ride! They’ve all got these wicked bolts that stick out from the back wheels, they look a bit like queen Boudicca’s chariot! Anyway one got a bit close to another and took out the others spokes causing his back wheel to collapse, nobody was hurt, well not when I was there, but the two rickshaw drivers were having a right go at each other after.

Went in search of wifi tonight and ended up in a KFC, so wrong, but it was nice, a bit spicier than at home but the chips were lovely, first time I’ve had chips for weeks, not that I’m a big lover of them, it’s just when you can’t get them you miss them!

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