Wednesday 6th June 2012 – Walden to Fort Collins

Walden to Fort Collins. 97 miles.

Breathtaking scenery today in more ways than one! I found it pretty hard to catch my breath today, I was fine just cycling along but if I took a drink or tried to sing (I like to sing as I go along, or rather try) I just couldn’t catch my breath. Despite being at over 5000ft for nearly two weeks now, going up this bit higher seemed to be hard going on the breathing, not sure if it’s because of my asthma or what, but it doesn’t matter now as I’ve dropped over 5000ft today.

I reached my highest point, the Cameron pass at 10276ft at about lunch time, not too bad a climb it was only another 2000ft and it was fairly gradual. Once at the top it was more or less downhill for the next 70 miles all the way to Ft Collins where I’m staying tonight.

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