Wednesday 7th March 2012 – Jakarta to Pamanukan.

Jakarta to Pamanukan. 85 miles

Managed to find my way out of Jakarta this morning, but the traffic was really bad even first thing in the morning, mind you I think it was worse going the other way, what makes it worse for me is I can’t nip in and out of the traffic where I’m so wide, so a lot of the time I just have to sit and wait with the cars. I think the traffic started to ease of after nearly 5 hours of cycling, it’s still very busy but nowhere as bad as it was in Jakarta.

Had a puncture today, first one since Malaysia so can’t complain, what ever it was must have been pretty substantial as I got two punctures were it went in and then came out the other side!

Think I might have cured my problem of me looking as if I’ve wet myself, I’m going commando! I still get really wet from the sweat but it dries a lot quicker so it’s not all the time now. The only problem is I have to watch me little old fella when I go to the toilet, don’t want to get him caught in the zip!

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