Wednesday 7th November 2012 – Lanzhou to Baiyin.

Lanzhou to Baiyin. 58 miles.

No problems getting out of Lanzhou this morning, it was all pretty well signed.

Didn’t go on the freeway today I was good and stuck to the main road instead, although I think I might go on there tomorrow, I feel a bit safer and it’s a more direct route, it’s not twisting and turning all over the place and strange as it sounds I see a lot more when I’m cycling on the freeway, I’m not constantly watching out for pot holes!

Not looking forward to the next couple of days! Looking at the maps there just doesn’t seem to be any towns where there’s likely to be a hotel, really don’t want to camp it’s so cold now, think I’d end up dying of hypothermia and I really don’t want that.

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