Wednesday 8th April. Bognor to Portsmouth. 31 miles

Seeing as the weather is so good at the moment I’ve decided to go away for a few days while I can, the only trouble was I really couldn’t make my mind up where to go! In the end I flipped a coin, heads or tails, heads I headed East tails I headed West! Tails obviously won so off I set still very undecided as to where I was going but at least I had a direction now! As I got nearer to Portsmouth I then started to wonder whether I should go to France (seeing as it’s so easy to jump on a ferry) or stay in England, the nearer I got to Portsmouth the more undecided I became! So once again I got the coin out! Heads France tails England! I’m now on my way to St Malo still none the wiser as to what to do or where to go once I get there! I’m hoping that after a good night’s sleep I’ll be able to make a decision! Personally I blame all my medication for my in decisions! I did make one decision today and that was to go to St Malo! It was the first ferry to leave!

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