Wednesday 8th August 2012 – Samtredia to Gomi.

Samtredia to Gomi. 88 miles.

Lovely little hotel last night only cost about $20 and a nice cafe/restaurant next door where I ate last night and also had breakfast this morning, felt a bit like the odd one out though, everybody was having a pint of beer with their breakfast!

Was hoping not to have quite as long a day today as yesterday which I didn’t as far as miles go, but I spent most of the afternoon going up a 1000 metre hill and then when I got down the other side to the town where I thought there would be some accommodation there wasn’t anything, so had to cycle another 10km to a place out of town. Think it’s a bit of a knocking shop, it seems to be run by two women, one of whom kept grabbing my bum and other parts! The other one who doesn’t wear a bra but really should before she trips over! Got a chair wedged up against my door tonight just in case! Luckily I met another cyclists today so I’m not staying here alone! He’s from Hungary and he’s in his 60s but you wouldn’t have thought it, think we’ll cycle together tomorrow to Tbilisi then he turns north whilst I continue east!

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