Wednesday 8th February 2012 – Phattlung to Changlun, Malaysia.

Phattlung to Changlun, Malaysia. 102 miles

Been on a bit of mission since entering Thailand, dropped a bit of a clanger! When I entered Thailand I only got a fifteen day visa, which I never noticed for a day or so, which wasn’t so bad as I’d already worked it out in my original plan that it would take fifteen days. But then I didn’t cross into Thailand until the afternoon, so I was already on the back foot, then I had that day off where I wasn’t feeling too good, so now I was a day and a half short on my visa, your not allowed to extend the visa on entry or not the one for 15 days that you get by coming over land, if I’d have flown in I’d have got a 30 day visa which I could have extended! I didn’t fancy being locked up in some Thai jail so the only thing to do was go for it!

Still it’s all worked out ok and I’ve done it with a couple of days to spare, mind you I did go to a different border crossing that was nearer.

Double checked my Malaysian visa and that’s fine I’ve got 90 days here!

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