Wednesday 9th May 2012 – A Boy’s Day Out!

Zoe my cousin didn’t come out today as her foot that she’d injured a month or so ago was playing up, so it was a boys day out with just me and Errol!

Went to a map shop first to get a map for my next destination, then we headed down to the Gold Coast, where we went to a restaurant that overlooked the beach and had something to eat and a few beers. We sat there for a couple of hours looking at the scenery, mainly the young girls on the beach!

Went too a pie shop to get a pie for dinner, whilst in there I saw on the sign that they had these things called matchsticks, I asked the girl what they were and she said, oh there nothing just small pieces of pastry with jam and cream on, so we got three of them, well if they were meant to be small, I don’t drink! They were huge! About 6″ long by 3″ wide and 3″ deep! Mind you the girl who gave us the description wasn’t exactly anorexic! They were nice though!

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