Travelsonabike2 England Wednesday 9th-May-2018

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in England on Wednesday, 9th-May-2018. Bognor Regis to Salisbury. 85 miles. Well, it’s been a tough week or so since I returned home from my last little jaunt. My hip and sciatica were really playing me up and to top it all my skin flared up again!

Dry ski
My irritable skin before I started taking the steroids

After suffering for nearly a week I eventually went to the doctors and got a course of steroids, which I’m on for the next two months! But at least now I’m on steroids I’m bouncing all over the place and feel pretty good!

I had intended to go to the Isle of Wight at the weekend then straight off to France, but as I said after really not feeling good I never made them. Which was a bit of a shame as it was the annual Isle of Wight ride, you know the one nobody does anymore!

Netley Abbey
Netley Abbey

Unfortunately, I now don’t have enough time to go too far as I have to be home on Friday.

As I said earlier, I’m back on steroids and a pretty high dose of 40mg a day for a week, then reduce by 5mg each week until finished! With such a high dose, I’ve got some of the bad side effects already, namely insomnia! Hence why I’ve come away. I was awake until midnight last night, then awake again at four! That’s when I decided to come away! Although I still never managed to leave home until about 7! Hopefully, after a good ride today, I should sleep Well, although I’m not feeling very tired just yet!

My breakfast

I had a good ride up with no major problems well, not until near the end anyway! I’ve just been using an app on the phone today, and no maps! I can’t say I prefer it. Yes, it was really good and helpful getting through Southampton. But then I was on a road I didn’t know, so found myself constantly looking at the phone and not looking at much else! Think I’ll stick to my paper maps and just use apps when I’m in cities! And of course, the other thing it drains the battery!

Salisbury cathedral
Salisbury cathedral

As I said, it was a good ride up until about 20 miles away from Salisbury. The roads I wanted to go on were closed, and I kept on having to go on detours, but at least that was where the app came in pretty handy. I think I must have done an extra 15 miles because of those diversions!

Police line
The centre of Salisbury still cordoned off

I saw the centre of Salisbury was still closed off after that nerve agent attack a few months ago, but apparently, it’s all fine and safe! That’s why it’s still closed off then!

Not too sure where I’m going tomorrow. I’ll have a look at the app on my phone and decide!

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4 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 England Wednesday 9th-May-2018”

  1. Hooray ! Garrys in the saddle again. Do steroids give you a moon face? I settle for Ibufrofen.. It’s a shame about Salisbury. I’m hoping to go there in the next two weeks but by train unfortunately. I wondered how you got around.I think you must have been a good mapreader. You always seemed to suss out the off road paths.Good luck! There’s not place like tent,there’s no place like tent.

    1. Not for long he’s not! No doubt I will end up with a moon face, some say I already have one!!
      Enjoy Salisbury it’s a lovely city, just watch out for Russian agents!

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