Wednesday 9th October. Decize to Montceau-les-Mines. 73 Miles.

I’ve now left the Loire and am following the Canel du Centre, which seems another pleasant route.

Halloween statue
Bizarre things along my route today

In the end I was glad to leave the Loire, as I’d picked up another strong headwind.

Aqueduct over a river
My last view of the Loire at Digoin

I’m now heading in north easterly direction, well at least for tomorrow, which all being well should mean I have the prevailing wind behind me!

Sculptures made of scrap
More bizarre sculptures

That’ll be the kiss of death now I’ve said that!

I got bored, or rather thought I’d try something different when I got to Digoin, where I left the Loire. And uploaded a live video to my YouTube channel, not too sure if I’ll do it again or not, I’ll see how it goes, and whether I can be bothered or not!

The weather forecast wasn’t as bad as predicted, and I only had the one shower! Which lasted for about an hour, but that was probably because I was cycling with it.

Capsized boat

I enjoyed my night under canvass last night and was hoping to camp again tonight, but there’s just no campsites around!

2 Replies to “Wednesday 9th October. Decize to Montceau-les-Mines. 73 Miles.”

  1. I know a bloke who could renovate that old bike. Well, you’re on the road and in France, I don’t suppose you meet many cyclists.One thing about the video; we found out where you’re planning to go. The sunken boat reminded me of the Marchioness on the Thames. I wish you un bon vin blanc.

    1. Surprisingly there isn’t many other cycle tourists! Although I did meet a couple from Canada at the campsite last night.
      Haha! That maybe my destination, but how, or what way I go, who knows!
      At the moment I’m wondering if I could go via Geneva, then cycle up through Switzerland! But that might be a bit too much!

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