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After returning home from his 1800-mile bicycle tour in Europe, Garry was all set to go into hospital for his second stage hip operation.

Unfortunately, at the pre-operation assessment, he was deemed unfit and not allowed to have the operation! He had a rather large open wound on his foot, and hospitals are reluctant to operate on people with open wounds, especially people that have contracted sepsis in the past! And he now has to wait for the injury to heel before he can be put forward for surgery again!

As a result, he’s sitting at home wrapped in cotton wool, afraid to go out, or do anything! Not quite, but he is being very cautious. Especially, as Garry is rather accident-prone and is always injuring himself in some way! #ClumsyGarry

While sitting at home, Garry’s making good use of his time, editing videos from his European tour, for his YouTube channel. He’s also looking at maps and guide books, planning future trips.

You can find out how Garry’s getting on and what he’s up to by looking at his regular updates posted in Garry’s Blog.

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Updated November 2019

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  1. Good luck Garry – take care and travel safe….we’ll be cheering you on from Brisbane….and waiting at the finish line!

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