Monday 15th July. Tramore to Carrigtohill. 64 miles.

Grass sea

I definitely had stayed at that campsite last night, I remembered all the children that were running around, although obviously not the same ones! And the one day I wanted to get an early night, no chance, the little darlings were still running around, screaming and shouting at gone 10 o’clock!

Must have been tired this morning! I woke up at my normal 5 o’clock sort of time and normally would just get up, but I fell back to sleep, woken by my alarm at 5.45! I was still on the road by 7/7.30.

Old mine
An old copper mine

There was some pretty steep hills for the first part of the day, cycling along the Copper Route I think it was called.

Not seeing any shops or cafes I was forced to stop at a pub! The only trouble was they weren’t serving beer just scones and jam! So a scone with jam and cup of coffee it was!

Cycle path
The pleasant Greenway

Turned out to be a good stop in the end, across the road I spotted a Greenway which ran from Waterford to Dungarvan, I was on it for the last 10k but it was still good.

Major problem when I arrived in Dungarvan, my saddle broke! The same bolt that broke last year! (I think Brooks could be getting an email!)

Shop bike
The cycle shop in Dungarvan

On the brightside it probably happened in the best place, Dungarvan was at the end of the Greenway so there was plenty of bike shops.

I chose O’Mahony and what a good choice. Although the man couldn’t fix my saddle, he did however give me another saddle so I could continue! Which feels just fine. I’ll sort my Brooks out when I get home.

Cows fields
My second to last big hill of the day

Again I’ve stopped at the same campsite when I was here 10 years ago! It’s a lot more peaceful here than last nights one though!

Sunday 14th July. Rosslare to Tramore. 52 miles.

Trees water

That was a long evening and night last night! But definitely worth it, being able to catch the overnight ferry.

I forgot Stena ferries have a peculiar way of loading bikes, you go on as foot passengers, even to the point of lifting the bike on and off the shuttle bus! All the other ferries I know you cycle or walk on with all the other vehicles.

Old windmill
Tacaushune windmill, apparently the oldest Norman windmill in Ireland.

I got stopped going through passport control and had to wait a good 10-minutes while they went off and checked my passport! Didn’t know I was wanted by interpol!

Didn’t sleep very much on the ferry, maybe an hour or so, the seats are just so uncomfortable! And it wasn’t worth the expense of a birth for the short crossing.

Church at Carrig-on-Bannow

Arrived in Rosslare on time at 4am. Then after another trip in the shuttle bus I was outside the main terminal and soon on my way into the dark of night, although it soon became light.

There was a definite chill in the air first thing. I did think at one point, that maybe I should have bought more than just a pair of flipflops I’ve brought, my feet got pretty cold!

Ferry on water
My second ferry of the day

Plenty of stops today, it’s been a hard slog! And as soon as I came across my first campsite I stopped, I’ve got a feeling that I may have stopped here before!

I must admit that I’d forgotten how beautiful and green Ireland is, and I don’t think you’ll find a much better place when the sun is shining! I hope it continues, because it definitely isn’t nice in the wind and rain!

Saturday 13th July. Llangadog to Fishguard. 67 miles.

Boats beach

That’s the easy part done, now to start the tour!
I arrived in Fishguard at around 4pm and immediately went to book onto the first available ferry. Finding the ferry terminal completely deserted and closed I booked online.

Carmarthen castle, not quite as I’d expected!

There’s only two ferries a day, the overnight one that leaves just before midnight, or 1pm tomorrow.

Rather than hang around tomorrow morning and wasting a day I’ve booked on tonight’s crossing, which I’ll probably regret later! But I figured I’ll get to Ireland cycle for a few hours then stop early. The only trouble is, it might be more than a few hours cycling, I arrive at 4am!

After booking my passage I went down to the beach to watch a dragon boat race. I watched them set off into the sea expecting them to return after a short while, they didn’t! Apparently they race around the headland and finish in another bay!

Boats in sea
And their off, never to be seen again!

After that I had a little ride around, before going to get some fish and chips to eat, which is where I’m sat at the moment! Only five hours to kill before my ferry leaves!

Friday 12th July. Chepstow to Llangadog. 69 miles.

Overlooking hills

Well that was a pretty tough ride today! Nothing to do with hills or mountains, although obviously they didn’t help very much, there’s just been a strong headwind!

Despite it being hard going I’ve still enjoyed myself and haven’t been struggling, which is a good sign!

Should reach Fishguard tomorrow, but not too sure if I’ll catch the overnight sailing or wait until Sunday. A lot depends on how I feel and if they have room for me!