Friday 11th November

Melk Abbey
Melk Abbey, Austria

Fri 11. Amstetten to Vienna 76 miles. Had a nice evening last night even the hotel manager gave me some local drink which I can’t think what it’s called, it was towards the end of the evening! Think it was a sort of wine, very nice indeed and a nice gesture and she wished me safe and pleasant onward journey. Bitterly cold this morning started off in shorts but didn’t last very long, think they might be away for a few days to come. If it wasn’t for the wind which was blowing straight at me all day it would have been a pleasant ride in the sun, after battling for 9 hours against the wind, right towards the end of the day I had to go up a hill at 417 metres! Not what I really wanted and it was already dark. Saw a sign for the eurovelo route 6 today, which is the one I rode on, along the Loire valley last year, I was going to follow it along the Danube, but decided not too, it can wait for another time when I’ll ride it all the way to the Black sea.

Thursday 10th November 2011

Austrian church
Austrian church along the road

Thurs 10. Vovklabruck to Amstetten 80 miles. Now if the scales in the hotel this morning are to be believed, I’ve lost over a stone in a week! Talk about a crash diet! That maybe explains why I’ve not been as hungry this time, I’ve been burning up my reserves! I told everybody I was bulking up before I left, I was hoping that maybe it would last a bit longer, perhaps I’ll have to stop off in Turkey to build up again before entering Iran! Had to make a hasty stop at a Mcdonalds this morning, don’t know what I had but whatever it was it didn’t want to stay in me! At least I was able to use there wifi and check my emails whilst I was there. It’s turned pretty cold now, think there expecting snow soon as they’ve put the poles out alongside the roads so when snows you still know where the road is! Best get a move on before it does snow! Still in shorts though, don’t know if i’ll last much longer though, it’s pretty cold! Passed the 1000 mile mark today only just though, it’s 1002 at the end of today!

Wednesday 9th November 2011

First sighting of Austria
First sighting of Austria

Wed 9. Obling to Vocklabruck, Austria 80 miles. Frosty start to the day, woke up and looked out of the curtains this morning and saw that the hotel I stayed at looked out over a lake, no time to enjoy it got to get moving, that’s one of the troubles when you arrive in the dark you never know what’s around you! Had breakfast and went to settle up the bill, they hadn’t put last nights meal or bar tab on, should I say something or not? I nearly did but then thought it’s there fault not mine, so I proceeded to pay then made a very hasty exit, feeling rather guilty! Made good progress this morning and was in Austria by lunch, think I wanted to get as far away from that hotel as possible, just in case they came after me! Once the frost had gone it was lovely and sunny I was even just in a t shirt for a while anyway I went up this hill either into cloud or fog but the temperature just plummeted, I went past one of those chemists where they have the sign saying the date, time and temperature, it read 4°c it must have dropped a good 14°c! Never saw the sun again not a very nice end to the day, riding in the dark and in the fog and I don’t think much to Austrian drivers they come so close, they don’t even toot! Still it’s all ok now I’ve had a couple of beers!

Tuesday 8th November 2011

Parliament building in Munich, Germany
Parliament building in Munich

Tues 8. Mering to Obling 82 miles. Bit of a late start today couldn’t get my bike out until 7 so decided to have the breakfast, which is always a good start to the day. Managed to find my way through Munich fairly easily, apart from one women who was shouting at me for being on the road instead of the cycle path, she’d probably had an argument with her husband in the morning and wanted to take it out on somebody! Even recognised places that I visited last year on route to Italy. Last night in Germany tonight so best have a few beers! It’s Austria tomorrow, the question is do I cross the Alps or head a bit further north and go along the Danube?