World Bicycle-Tour Video; Asia

World bicycle-tour video Asia another YouTube/Flickr video. AWhile cycling across the USA, Garry decided to turn his bike ride into an around the world bicycle ride. But after missing out Iran and Pakistan, on his journey to Australia, he still had a large chunk of the world to cycle!

After studying maps and the internet, when he was able to get it, Garry sorted out a route. Iran and Pakistan were still out of the question! But at least now it was summer, and the roads wouldn’t be blocked by snow, allowing Garry to take a route north of them!

His new route would see him fly back to Istanbul, from there he would cycle to Georgia and Azerbaijan. Then catch a ferry across the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan and onto China, thus closing the circle, and cycling around the world.

He had planned to fly to Turkey from America. But after being knocked off his bike just outside of New York, decided to fly home and sort out the visa’s he required from home. Especially as Garry would have had to cycle to Washington, where the embassies were!

Back in the Saddle

After a couple of weeks at home in England, Garry had obtained the required visa’s. And also felt fit enough to get a flight to Turkey. After two nights in Istanbul, Garry set off for Georgia, but he wasn’t happy! He wasn’t feeling very safe and was on edge all the time! Fearing, he would be knocked off again! Thankfully, though after a week, Garry was feeling safe again, and started to enjoy himself once more!

Snow certainly wasn’t a problem, far from it, it was the temperature! On many days Garry would have to endure temperatures of 40 degrees plus! And whilst the sun wasn’t as intense as it had been in Australia, it was still hard going! Two weeks after leaving Istanbul Garry arrived in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he would catch a boat to Kazakstan.


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2 Replies to “World Bicycle-Tour Video; Asia”

  1. Well, That was impressive. Not many people can take in how much ground you’ve covered. Why can’t we have bazaars like that over here.

    1. Thanks, Malcolm, there have been a few miles! It’s a shame we don’t have bazaars or souks here, they’re wonderful places to get lost in! But I suppose if we did, they wouldn’t be so appealing to us when we travel!

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