World Bicycle-Tour Video; Australia

World bicycle-tour video; Australia, a YouTube video of the photos and videos Garry took on the Australian leg of his world tour.

After five months and 9000-miles of peddling across the world, Garry reaches Perth, Australia. His final country, or what was meant to be his last country! He’s now just got the 3000-miles to cycle across the continent, to his finish in Brisbane.

Garry spent a few days in Perth acclimatising and visiting friends from England, that had recently emigrated there. Before setting off on his journey across Australia.

There was plenty of warnings from locals about the dangers that lay ahead! Venomous snakes and spiders, kangaroos, drop bears, the heat and the Nullarbor Plain!

Thankfully though, Garry never had any problems with the wildlife. Apart from some birds that decided to attack him on the Nullarbor Plain! (he wasn’t warned about them!) The heat and intensity of the sun was also a bit of a problem, and Garry ended up with second-degree burns on his foot!

On the way across there were plenty of long days, having to regularly cycle more than 100-miles in a day, to get from one roadhouse to the next! But what a ride it was and Garry made it to his cousin’s house in Brisbane in six weeks!


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2 Replies to “World Bicycle-Tour Video; Australia”

  1. God man! Are you a masochist or an automaton. I only ever dreamt of the Nullarbor Plain. Have you met Hera Van Willick in Your mad travels? She travelled in Iceland and Canada. Hope you get your hip done before Covid 19 gets you. he he.

    1. Haha, both!
      I’m not aware of meeting her, but then I’ve never been to Canada or Iceland, I prefer warmer climates!
      So do I! I hope you’ve downloaded the government’s new app? I don’t think I’ll be getting it done this year, but you never know!

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