World Bicycle-Tour Video; Bangladesh

World bicycle-tour video Bangladesh, another YouTube/Flickr video.

After the short 150-mile ride from the Indian/Bangladesh border, Garry reaches Dhaka. Where he meets up with his good friends, the Barrs. Who were holidaying in Bangladesh, and as a consequence of Garry not being able to cycle through Iran and Pakistan, meant they could now meet up.

After meeting up on New Year’s eve, Garry, Dave, Helen and the two girls, Becky and Katy, spent the evening exploring the streets. Before retiring back to the hotel, to welcome in the new year, with a bottle of coke! Much to Garry’s disgust!

New Year’s day came, and they all went for a look around the busy harbour. There they went aboard an old paddle steamer, the PS Ostrich, which was now converted to diesel. Michael Palin was on the same boat on his 2004 Himalayan tv series.

The following day the Barrs had to catch their flight back to England, leaving Garry to sort out the visa he needed for China. Which involved a lot of CNG rides, backwards and forwards to the Chinese Embassy! The visa proved to be a lot harder and more frustrating than Garry could have ever imagined!

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2 Replies to “World Bicycle-Tour Video; Bangladesh”

  1. Well, copulation results in population. You looked very suave in those days. I’ll bet they think life jackets are only for wimps. he he

    1. Haha, I was a young chap then!
      What’s a life jacket!? That water around Dhaka was so black and polluted a life jacket would have just prolonged the agony!

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