World Bicycle-Tour Video; Homecoming

World bicycle-tour video, homecoming, the last video of Garry’s World tour, using the Flickr photographs and videos he took while away touring.

After 12 months, 22 countries, and 22,154 miles, on a wet and windy November day, Garry cycles into the Fox Inn car park, ending his World tour!

385 days to the day Garry was waved off by family and friends on the adventure of a lifetime! Initially, Garry was only cycling to Australia, but after reaching there in five months. Garry decided to cycle home via the United States of America! It was while cycling across America that Garry changed his plans once again! And decided to make it into a World bicycle tour!

Now, back at the Fox Inn, he is once again greeted by family and friends! Who have a surprise party planned! Once off his a bike, a wet Garry walks into the pub. Where more friends greet him, and a pub, decorated floor to ceiling in flags of the World, in celebration of his achievement!

Spirit FM (Garry’s local radio station) was also at the party. They were presenting Garry with the Local Hero award he won, for his efforts in the saddle. Along with a cheque for the charity, Garry was riding for, Cancer research.

A big surprise for Garry, and totally unexpected! A great way to finish off his around the world bicycle ride!


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A once in a lifetime adventure? Garry’s hoping not, given half a chance he’d be off tomorrow!

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2 Replies to “World Bicycle-Tour Video; Homecoming”

  1. All those long open roads – what did you think about? Well you certainly have some lovely friends. he he.
    Lockdown! I’m going to buy a hejib and sneak out after dark.

    1. Not a lot! I used to put my headphones on and listen to music, which made it all pass quickly. I’m fortunate and have some great friends, shame I can’t see them! #Lockdown
      Don’t get caught!

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