World Bicycle-Tour Video; Indonesia

World bicycle-tour video Indonesia another YouTube/Flickr video.

Garry’s bicycle ride to Australia continues, and he’s now in his last country before reaching Australia, and it was to be his most challenging! With blistering heat and ridiculously steep hills! So steep Garry had trouble keeping his front wheel on the ground! And to cycle up them required tacking from one side of the road to the other!

The heat was so intense Garry had to wear gloves, to stop his hands blistering in the sun, which as he was now on the equator, was directly above him. And as for sweating, Garry’s never sweated so much in his life! He always looked as if he’d wet himself, and whenever he stopped, there would be a puddle on the floor! The sweat just dripped from him!

But despite the hardships, what a country! The people were fantastic, happy, smiling, and always wanting to help. Every time Garry passed through a village, the children would run out of their houses shouting “Selamat Pagi” good morning.

Definitely a country Garry would like to return to and explore more.

World Bicycle-Tour Video; Indonesia

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2 Replies to “World Bicycle-Tour Video; Indonesia”

  1. Lovely video! All those scooters but nothing beats cycling. I thought those ferries would be overcrowded. Could you give us some idea of the hills.?

    1. Cheers Malcolm. Scooters were very popular in Indonesia, I regularly saw families of five out on one scooter!
      I don’t recall the ferries being overcrowded. But then on the ferry to Bali, I was the captain, too busy steering it!
      Put it this way, you know how steep some of those “shutes” are on the Isle of Wight? Well, they have nothing on the hills in Sumatra! Even the trucks couldn’t get up them and would have to double up!
      It seemed to run like a tag system. A lorry would get helped up to the top of the hill by another truck. He would then drop his load and go back down the hill to help the next one. While the one that helped him hooked his trailer back up and continued on!

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