World Bicycle-Tour Video; USA

World bicycle-tour video The USA another YouTube/Flickr video, showing some of the photos and videos Garry took on the American leg of his bike ride.

After reaching Australia, and cycling the 4000-miles from Perth to Brisbane, Garry was supposed to finish his bike ride and fly home. But feeling that flying home would be too easy, Garry decided to cycle home, and caught a flight to the USA!

Once in America, Garry spent a few days playing the tourist in San Francisco, before setting off on the 3000-mile ride to New York. What a surprise America was, every state felt like a different country. From the mountains of the Sierra Nevada to the Great Plains of Nebraska. The scenery was constantly changing.

22-miles from the finish in New York city Garry was knocked off his bike! And was rushed to hospital with blood pouring from his head! Garry wasn’t worried about his injuries, he was more concerned about what would happen to his bike! Thankfully, though his bike and gear were bought to the hospital, by the police who attended the accident! And the only real damage was a split tyre and innertube, and some holes in his panniers!

After several hours of scans, x-rays and what felt like every test going, they discharged Garry. Although before letting him go, they stuck some staples in his head! A lucky escape for Garry and his bike!

The following day, sore and very wary of traffic, Garry finished his ride into New York City!


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2 Replies to “World Bicycle-Tour Video; USA”

  1. How much can the body stand? Nice to meet up with a few cyclists and then to get onto Route 66 Priceless.
    All those switchback roads must have been a challenge.

    1. That may have been the start of all my problems!
      I only met that group of cyclists briefly. But earlier on in the trip, I met Jan from Belgium, who I cycled with for the day. The weather on that day, went from warm sunshine to a snow blizzard, then gale force winds!
      I hope to cycle Route 66 at some point. Or as closely as possible, a lot of it has gone and been replaced with freeways!
      That switchback road was definitely challenging!

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