YouTube Video 16th-December-2022

Garry McGivern’s YouTube video update from 16th-December-2022. It was Garry’s birthday on the 15th of December, so he decided to go out on his bike and head for Brighton. And in the process, film an update for his YouTube channel. In the video, Garry talks about what he’s been up to over the past couple of months. He also discusses his health and gives an update on his hip infection.

It’s a bitterly cold day, and there’s plenty of ice around, so Garry’s well-wrapped up. Although with the sub-zero temperatures, he struggles to keep his hands warm. But not enough to stop him from cycling.

After reaching Brighton, Garry goes for a quick ride up North Street before turning down West Street, which takes Garry back to the seafront, where Garry heads back home. On the ride home, Garry has to avoid icy paths and a loose dog.

And as per usual, you can watch the video below or on Garry’s YouTube channel. Either way, it won’t make it any more enjoyable!

YouTube Video 16th-December-2022 (Garry McGivern Update 15th December 2022)

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