YouTube Video 27th-May-2023

Episode 8 of Garry McGivern’s Brittany Cycle Touring Video, which was posted on his YouTube channel on the 27th-May-2023. The video was recorded earlier in the month, on the 7th of May. Garry’s in Saint-Malo, hoping to catch that day’s ferry back to the UK. But the day doesn’t get off to the best of starts when the app on Garry’s phone lets him down again. after sending him on an excursion across some fields. But it doesn’t take long before he’s back on the road.

It’s a long day, although there’s not a great many miles cycled. And there’s a swarm of midgies.

You can watch the video below or on Garry’s YouTube channel, where you can also subscribe to his channel. And be the first to know when Garry releases a new video. But honestly, it won’t be any more enjoyable wherever you watch the video! You can also read what Garry posted at the end of this day and every day that Garry’s touring in the “Garry’s blog” section of the website, where you can also subscribe and follow Garry on his travels.

YouTube Video 27th-May-2023 (Cycle Touring Brittany; May 2023, Episode 8)

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