YouTube Video 7th-November-2022

Garry McGivern’s Youtube Video published on the 7th-November-2022 and recorded on the 30th October 2022. It’s a wet and windy start to the day. Typical Isle of Wight weather, really! But there’s no rush to leave, so Garry waits out the rain before deciding to move on.

It’s a fast ride across the island as Garry heads along the main roads to Fishbourne and his ferry back to Portsmouth. Before heading home, Garry decides to go on a little ride around Portsmouth. A very small ride indeed, as he soon gets bored with the idea and heads for home.

Even though it’s only been a short ride over the past two days, Garry thinks his anaemia may be under control for the first time in a long time. Paving the way for a bigger tour, maybe? That’s if his other ailments hold out!

And as usual, you can watch the video below or on Garry’s YouTube channel. Either way, it won’t make it any more enjoyable!

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YouTube Video 7th-November-2022 (Cycling Home From The Isle Of Wight)

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