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Garry McGivern, aka Travelsonabike2. From West Sussex in England, is a long-distance cycle tourist who has cycled around the world. And has now cycled over 60,000 miles in 35 countries across five continents and is still going.

In December 2007, I lost my wife to breast cancer, aged only 42. To say thank you to the local hospice that cared for her (St Wilfred’s) and to keep myself occupied. I decided to go on a charity bike ride from Spain to England. After completing this first cycle ride, I found that I’d got a real taste for long-distance cycling and cycle-touring.

Despite being middle-aged and overweight, I can ride a bike for miles without any practice or training! And have been cycling around different countries ever since.

A Slight Hiccup

Unfortunately, in July 2018, I had severe sepsis shock and was put into an induced coma! (Read what happened )

As you can imagine, this left me unable to ride my bike! But after spending six weeks in the care of my local hospital. Where I also had a temporary hip fitted, I was allowed home.

After a further two months of recovery at home, with much physio, and to-ing and fro-ing from the hospital! I was once again able to get back on my bike and cycle. And what a feeling that was!

Disappointingly though, since contracting sepsis. I seem to have spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital with various ailments. But I’m always keen to get back on the bike after each episode. And with work commitments, health and finances permitting, I continue to cycle.

I have set up this website so people can follow my travels; please click on any of the links to find out more.

I hope you enjoy the ride!!!

Where’s Garry

Where’s Garry cycling at the moment? It’s been a long time coming, what with the Covid-19 pandemic and Garry’s health, but finally, Garry’s off to the continent on his bike.

With only a few weeks to spare, Garry wondered where he could cycle. There are still a lot of covid-19 restrictions around the World, adding to the difficulty. But after a bit of thought, Garry came up with the idea of cycling to Liechtenstein. A bit random, but it’s somewhere Garry’s not cycled, and also, his route there will take him across parts of France that he’s not cycled before.

Assuming Garry makes it to Liechtenstein. This may be a little doubtful as Garry is once again anaemic. But assuming Garry is okay and doesn’t take too long to reach Liechtenstein, he’s hoping to head towards Luxembourg and Belgium. Two other countries where Garry hasn’t cycled that much.

You can find out where Garry is at the moment by subscribing to Garry’s blog or by looking at the map below. Each marker shows where Garry spent that night. Along with a brief description of the day, plus the mileage cycled for that day.

You can follow Garry’s progress on social media, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Where’s Garry Map

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