Welcome to my website

My name is Garry McGivern.

In December 2007 I lost my wife to breast cancer, aged only 42.

To say thank you to the local hospice that cared for her (St Wilfred’s) and keep myself occupied I decided to go on a charity cycle ride from Spain to England.

After completing this first cycle ride, I found that I’d got a real taste for long distance cycling.

Despite being middle-aged, overweight, drinking far too much and overeating, I seem to be able to ride a bike for miles without any training and have been cycling around different countries ever since, whenever I have the opportunity to, work commitments and finances permitting.

I’ve since cycled in over 35 countries and covered over 50,000 miles and certainly didn’t have any intentions of stopping!

Unfortunately, in July 2018, I contracted sepsis! (Read what happened ) And was unable to ride a bike!

But after spending six weeks in the care of my local Hospital, where I also had hip replacement surgery, I was allowed home.

After a further two months of recovery at home, I was once again able to get back on my bike and cycle once more!

I have set up this website so people can follow my progress; please click on any of the links to find out more.

I hope you enjoy the ride!!!

Where’s Garry

It’s May and the days are long, an ideal time to go away on a cycle tour.

Where? Who knows! Initially, Garry’s heading west! Whether he continues in a westerly direction, heads north or even heads south! Who knows, he may even come home after a night or two, you never know with Garry! But wherever he ends up, you’ll be sure to know!

You can find out where Garry is at the moment by visiting Garry’s progress or looking at the map below.

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Updated May 2019

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Latest Posts:

Wednesday 22nd May. Gournay-en-Bray to Les Andelys. 56 miles.

And there was me thinking I’d be a good boy today and follow the Avenue Verte, but after nearly 3 hours of going up and down hills, and taking wrong turns, I discovered that I was only about 12 miles down the road from where I’d started, if I’d have gone straight down the main …

Tuesday 21st May. Pourville-sur-Mer to Gournay-en-Bray. 49 miles.

Change of plan and direction! After setting off this morning for Amiens, I found myself on the Avenue Verte! As I cycled along I ummed and ahed whether or not to stay with the Avenue Verte. I’m starting to struggle a bit with the hills now! My left leg, the one with sciatica is starting …

Monday 20th May. Saint-Jouin-Bruneval to Pourville-sur-Mer. 64 miles.

What an excellent day! The day started off with the normal mist and low clouds, so I quickly rode through Etretat and Fecamp, as nice as they both are, there’s not really too much to see in the mist! After looking at the map in Fecamp I decided to leave the coast and head inland …

Previous Trips

All Garry’s previous trips in year order, over 50,000 miles cycled in 40 countries and five continents since 2008. Click on any picture to find out where Garry cycled in that year.

Garry has also completed plenty of smaller rides, but being under 500 miles he doesn’t tend to put them here. These smaller rides are in the archives section at the bottom of the page click on any month to find out more.

To find out where Garry is at the moment look in Garry’s Progress at the top of the page.

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