Pre Australian Amble

September 2011

Garry’s pre-Australian amble, a short bicycle ride in aid of Cancer Research. It was late September, a month before Garry was due to embark on his epic ride across the world to Australia. And time, to start promoting the trip, and raise some money for his charity!

Trying to think of a way to get the local community involved, in his fundraising. Garry came up with the idea of a short bicycle ride, that would be suitable for everybody, of any ability, and age! The ride was a short, two and a half-mile bicycle ride across the fields from Felpham (where Garry lived) to Barnham.

Garry displayed a poster of the ride, in his local pub and started to publish it on social media, at the beginning of September. And by the time it came round for the jolly, there was a good gathering of people.

After meeting up in a local park, Garry led the way through the houses and onto the cycle path, that would take them across the fields to Barnham. Everybody made it to Barnham, in one piece, some a bit more worn out than others! But what to do once they were in Barnham? Oh look, there’s a pub! Some say it was just a ruse by Garry to go for a pint, which basically, yes, it was! But it was also to raise some money for Garry’s charity. After a pint or two, or maybe more for some! People started to drift back to Felpham.

A pleasant ride that was well attended and raised over £100. And a brilliant start to Garry’s fundraising!

Felpham to Barnham Poster



Video from Garry’s YouTube channel

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