2020 Bicycle Tours

Well, what can I say? 2020 bicycle tours, there wasn’t any! Instead, it was a year of long hair and staying at home!

Due to Garry’s impending hip operation, he hadn’t planned on any big tours, but had hoped to at least go on some smaller ones! And was getting ready for the campsites to open in early Spring.

Unfortunately, earlier on in the new year, news spread about a new virus (Covid-19) in China! And despite the best efforts of China and other nations, the virus quickly spread around the world! And soon became a worldwide pandemic!

In mid-March just as campsites were starting to open, the United Kingdom was put into full lockdown! Everything apart from essential businesses had to shut! And leaving home was only permitted for an hour a day! Unless it was for a medical reason or to get food!

Although the lockdown was eased after three months, things never got back to normal, hotels and campsites remained closed! And even the ones that did open were minimal. With either little or no facilities! Travelling abroad seemed too much of a risk, even if Garry could have gone somewhere! Different countries were opening and closing their borders, with little or no warning! Even the ferries to France, a favourite route for Garry, were not allowing cyclists aboard! It soon became apparent that travelling in 2020 was not an option! In fact, things were so bad that Garry never even left his county!

Let’s all hope that 2021 will be a better year and we can all get back to the things we love to do.

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