2016 Bicycle Tours

2016 bicycle tours, a busy year for Garry, unfortunately not so much on the cycling front! Garry had returned to work, after being off for two years with a bad back! Plus his daughter was also getting married.

It was a bit of shock for Garry, returning to work after nearly two years! Garry had slipped a disc on his 2013 ride to Athens. Had it operated on in March 2014, which unfortunately didn’t work! And was back on the operating table in January 2015, which also failed to sort Garry’s back out! So going back to work was a bit of a struggle!

Garry’s daughter Vicky was getting married in September, and had confiscated his passport, just to make sure he was there! Not that Garry would miss it! But his daughter wasn’t taking any chances!

Having his passport confiscated didn’t stop Garry from cycling, and he still managed plenty of shorter tours in England. Which don’t warrant being on this page, but can be found below, in the archive section of the website, simply click on a month to read more.

Even after the wedding, Garry wasn’t allowed to travel. He was now babysitting their cat! But as soon as they returned Garry was off! Vicky and her new husband Paul arrived home from their honeymoon in the morning. That afternoon Garry was on a flight heading for India!

Where’s Garry Off Too

Initially, Garry was going to cycle southern India. That changed to Myanmar (Burma), but eventually, Garry settled for India and Nepal.

It certainly wasn’t a dull tour! Garry ended up with a chest infection, only five days into the trip! Which forced him to stop and rest for more than a week. He found himself cycling one of the toughest routes he’d ever cycled! 120 miles up the Tribhuvan Highway, an endless series of climbs and descents. But despite these setbacks, it was still a hugely enjoyable tour. And it’s the most challenging parts of any journey that are the most exciting and enjoyable!

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Indian deity 2016 bicycle tours
India and Nepal

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