India and Nepal Bicycle Tour

Garry’s India and Nepal bicycle tour in October/November 2016. Garry’s original tour didn’t involve Nepal at all! Initially, he was planning to cycle around the south of India. But after discovering that he could now cross into Myanmar, (Burma), he changed his plans. And instead decided to head east to Myanmar! Myanmar was one of the countries that Garry wanted to pass through on his world tour in 2011, but at the time, it wasn’t permitted.

Garry started the tour in Mumbai, probably not the ideal starting point! But he’d already booked the flight, and it would have cost too much to change! But with a bit of thought, Garry decided he had enough time to cycle across India, cross into Myanmar. Then cycle down to Thailand and fly home from Bangkok.

Unfortunately, two weeks before Garry was due to fly to India, the Myanmar government changed the rules again! And it was no longer possible to cross into Myanmar at one border and leave by another! Once again Garry was thwarted at his attempt to cycle across Myanmar!

Even though Garry wasn’t able to cycle across Myanmar, he decided, to still head in that direction, just in case the rules changed again! But if they didn’t, he would head to Nepal. Unfortunately, five days into the trip, Garry fell ill with a chest infection and was forced to rest up for ten days! Forcing him to change plans, once again! After ten days in the care of the owners and staff at the Hotel Ganpati Palace, Dhule. Who couldn’t have done more for Garry, they were superb!

Back on the Road

Once Garry felt strong enough, he continued with his tour. However, he wasn’t feeling 100%! And as a precaution decided to forget heading to Myanmar. And instead headed in a more northerly direction. With half an eye on heading for Dheli if he was still unwell, but if he was okay, he would head to Nepal.

Thankfully after a few days of cycling, Garry felt a lot better and decided to head for Kathmandu. Garry entered Nepal at the Raxaul/Birganj border. Maybe not the best crossing point! This border led Garry to the Tribhuvan Highway, which proved to be one of Garry’s toughest rides! It was only 120 miles, but it took Garry four days to complete!

Garry spent a couple of days in Kathmandu, before heading west through Nepal, back to India. On his way, Garry passed through the Chitwan and Bardia national parks. Where he came across crocodiles, turtles, elephants and loads of monkeys before, he entering back into India at Bhimdatta.

After another couple of days cycling, Garry reached New Delhi where his India and Nepal bicycle tour finished. With a total of 2087 miles cycled.

Photos from Garry’s tour

Indian Photo Album on Flickr
Nepal Photo Album on Flickr








Watch the videos Garry made on tour.

Map showing the route Garry took across India and Nepal.

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