Spain and Portugal Bicycle Tour

May 2015

Garry’s bicycle tour of Spain and Portugal. It had been 18 months since Garry had been on a long-distance cycle tour. Having spent that time in and out of hospital having injections and operations on his back! But there was still no real improvement, and now his specialist was telling him that he may never work again!

So, Garry decided that may be a long bike ride would sort it out, after all, it did once before! Admittedly he hadn’t had operations then, and it probably wasn’t as bad either, but anything was worth a try!

the plan

Garry originally planned on cycling up to Scandinavia. But on the day of departure, he became ill and had to abort!

After resting at home for a few days and thinking it through, Garry decided that Scandinavia might be a little cold at this time of year, also not being able to work for the past two years he wasn’t exactly flush, and Scandinavia isn’t renowned for being a cheap place! Instead, Garry decided to go to Spain and Portugal!

Catching the ferry to Spain Garry arrived in Bilbao and set off cycling through the middle of the country heading south. His journey through Spain turned into a bit of an epic! Spain was in the grips of a heatwave with it being the hottest May on record! With temperatures well above 40 degrees Celsius!

Garry battled through the heat and mountains of Spain and arrived on the Mediterranean coast to some much-needed cooler temperatures after covering 800-miles. Once there Garry headed along the coast towards Gibraltar.

It was a quick ride around Gibraltar before continuing along the coast to Portugal.

Once again Garry followed the coast up as far as Lisbon where because of the time Garry had left to finish he had to jump on a train, which took him to Porto.

In Porto, Garry continued north and crossed back into Spain.

The final leg along the north coast of Spain was an arduous and painful task! Battling strong winds and managing to break a couple of ribs!

Finally, Garry made it to Santander where he jumped on a ferry to come home.

Unfortunately, Garry’s back didn’t improve, but he still had a good tour and covered 1957 miles.

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The route Garry took.

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