Bicycle-Touring England July 2018

It’s now July 2018 and still no news or any sign of Garry getting his hip replacement! So, rather than sit around Garry’s decided to go away bicycle-touring in England, again!

Initially, he was off to France! Unfortunately, after getting up early and starting to ride to Newhaven to catch the morning ferry, Garry ended up in too much pain and had to return home!

After getting some stronger painkillers from the doctors, Garry once again set off, but decided because of the way he was it was probably best to stay in England! So once again Garry headed west and for the New Forest.

One of the reasons for going away apart from keeping active was to try out another new tent from MSR. Garry had been having various problems with his tent, and this was now his fourth one!

Garry spent his first night at his usual campsite Hollands Wood, just outside Brockenhurst. He had intended spending another night there. But after learning that there was 300-people due to arrive, Garry decided to move on! Because his pain was so great now, he wondered about going home! But what would he do there? Sit around and feel sorry for himself? Not Garry, he’d rather be out, and about where he’s forced to do things, it also helps to forget about the pain, briefly! So Garry decided to head another of his favourite campsites. Grange Farm at Brighstone, on the Isle of Wight it was only 22-miles away, so a nice easy ride!

The Isle of Wight was his next port of call and another of his favourite campsites, Grange Farm at Brighstone; it was only 22-miles away!

Garry spent two nights at Brighstone, before moving on to Adgestone where he spent his last night on the island.

From Bad To Worse

Garry was really struggling now and couldn’t even manage to cycle the 40-miles home and had to stop the night in Southbourne, 12-miles from home! He was now in so much pain he could hardly move and to top it all there was a couple of mysterious blisters that had appeared on the back of his hands!

One week later, Garry was in the hospital, in intensive care fighting for his life, after contracting sepsis!

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