2021 Bicycle Tours

Garry’s 2021 bicycle tours, what another disastrous year! What with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and Garry’s hip! It’s not been a good year! Although it was slightly better than 2020!

The Covid-19 pandemic continued in 2021. And for the first few months of the year, travelling was difficult! Campsites were closed to basic campers, and hotels had to be pre-booked. (Pre-booking isn’t one of Garry strongest fortes!)

But in June, Garry finally managed to get away on his bike. It was only in the UK, but after being stuck at home for the past 18 months! Garry was grateful for anything! But no sooner had Garry got back into a bit of cycling than he got called into hospital! It was for his long-awaited hip operation, which he’d been waiting for since 2017!

Unfortunately, Garry’s hip operation didn’t go according to plan! And he ended up with an infected hip, the same infection that had put him in a coma in 2018! Thankfully things didn’t get as bad this time. But Garry spent the remainder of 2021 in and out of the hospital, Curtailing any more cycle tours in 2021.

Sadly, despite the hospital’s best efforts, Garry finished the year with his hip still infected! And another operation is planned for early 2022.

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