December 2020 Monthly Update

Flooded fields

Garry’s monthly update for December 2020, apologies for not doing Novembers update, but there really wasn’t anything to say! And to be honest, there’s not much more to say about December!

November was spent in lockdown, again due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was eased in December, with the introduction of a new tier system, putting West Sussex into tier 2. Allowing pubs and bars to open as long as they served food! Tier 2 didn’t last long, and we were soon moved into level 4 and are now back in lockdown! Can’t say I’m that surprised after watching the daily Covid-19 cases rise and maybe it should have happened a lot earlier. But then I’m sure our illustrious leaders know what they’re doing!?! At least we’re allowed out for unlimited exercise, so I can still go on bike rides.

Flooded fields
Flooded fields around Bognor
Looking Back

What a year! No travelling, no touring, and stay at home orders! In fact, I’ve not even left West Sussex! Apart from cycling to Portsmouth, on the odd occasion. Which is only just over the border, about 20-miles or so away!

But in the scheme of things, not being able to travel or tour is a minor irritant! And if it means I avoid contracting the coronavirus, that’s fine with me. But it still annoys me!

Other News

The hospital phoned me earlier in the month. Telling me that routine operations were getting back to normal and all being well, they hope to operate on me in January or February, which is great news. Unfortunately, that was before we went back into lockdown! So I’m not holding my breath!

Looking Forward

Hopefully, my hip operation will go ahead in the early part of next year, and by Spring I’ll be able to get back to touring! Although I do have mixed feelings about having the operation. On the one hand, it has to be done, and the sooner, the better. But on the other hand, I’ll be back to square one, unable to ride at all! And have to take a month or two off to recover! But if lockdown continues, and we remain locked down for a few months, which it seems highly likely we will be! Bring on the operation!

Man by sea
Happy New Year

I wish everybody a safe and healthy new year and hope that 2021 will be better, which I’m sure it will be. Just maybe not until the second part of the year, when vaccines are rolled out more widely!

Stay safe everybody, and look out for each other.

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October 2020 Photos

October 2020 photos, a very slack month on the photo front! With the majority of shots coming from previous tours. Although Garry’s not been busy with his camera, he has been busy with his YouTube channel, hence the photos from previous trips.

The only photos this month that aren’t from previous tours are ones that Garry has taken along Bognor seafront. It’s the only place he’s been out cycling on his bike!

October 2020 Photos

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World Bicycle-Tour Video; Homecoming

Man on bike

World bicycle-tour video, homecoming, the last video of Garry’s World tour, using the Flickr photographs and videos he took while away touring.

After 12 months, 22 countries, and 22,154 miles, on a wet and windy November day, Garry cycles into the Fox Inn car park, ending his World tour!

385 days to the day Garry was waved off by family and friends on the adventure of a lifetime! Initially, Garry was only cycling to Australia, but after reaching there in five months. Garry decided to cycle home via the United States of America! It was while cycling across America that Garry changed his plans once again! And decided to make it into a World bicycle tour!

Now, back at the Fox Inn, he is once again greeted by family and friends! Who have a surprise party planned! Once off his a bike, a wet Garry walks into the pub. Where more friends greet him, and a pub, decorated floor to ceiling in flags of the World, in celebration of his achievement!

Spirit FM (Garry’s local radio station) was also at the party. They were presenting Garry with the Local Hero award he won, for his efforts in the saddle. Along with a cheque for the charity, Garry was riding for, Cancer research.

A big surprise for Garry, and totally unexpected! A great way to finish off his around the world bicycle ride!


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A once in a lifetime adventure? Garry’s hoping not, given half a chance he’d be off tomorrow!

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October 2020 Monthly Update

Buildings behind a field

Garry’s monthly update for October 2020, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, depending on your point of view! There really isn’t anything to report or say this month!

I’ve not been anywhere. I’ve not done anything! The only real thing I’ve been doing apart from work, when, it’s not been raining that is! Is to make more YouTube videos, and finish off my World tour series, with the last video being published this evening. (Sunday 1st November)

Even my health has been okay this past month. With nothing new to report and all my current issues, behaving themselves, which is excellent news!

Rainbow over the sea
A rainbow over the sea

I’ve been in contact with a few hotel chains, who have said that it is now okay to turn up without booking, which is a good sign. And gives me some hope of at least a little tour before the year is out! Although the way this Coronavirus is going again, this could soon change!

Pier and beach
A sunnier day in Bognor Regis

I was going to make contact with the ferry company’s, to see if it was possible to travel with them as a cyclist, not a foot passenger. (Foot passengers are currently not allowed.) But with the increase in Coronavirus cases and France going back into lockdown, there’s no point. And let’s face it I doubt if I would have gone, but in my head, I like to think I would have!

Despite it being a quiet month, it seems to have flown by, once again! Surely a sign of getting old! Even the photos in this months update are all from Bognor Regis!


This was written before last nights news, and things did change, sooner than I thought! With England now going into a month-long lockdown from Thursday, it’s highly unlikely that there will be any touring of any kind this year!

Although I did read the other day that, if you serve a 14-day quarantine in Thailand, they will allow you to stay for 90 days! Now that could be an idea! Especially as it’s coming up to the best time of year to go there!

Stay safe, everybody.

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