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Cooking stove

Any camping trip requires proper cooking gear. Whatever your cooking. Whether it’s a dehydrated ration pack, which only requires hot water. Or a full-blown meal, cooked from scratch! Garry tends to choose the latter, as he likes to cook. Which reflects in Garry’s choice of pots and cookers.

Garry has two canister cookers. The Primus Omnifuel, and the MSR WindPro. And depending on where in the world Garry is travelling, dictates to which one he takes.

Camping cook set
Garry’s cooking pots and a choice of cookers

The MSR Windpro is Garry’s stove of choice. A very sturdy stove, which is ideal when stirring meals. It’s easy to control the flow of gas, allowing easy simmering. Which is essential for Garry when he’s cooking up those camp meals, after a long day in the saddle. The stove also comes with a windscreen and heat reflector. Garry only uses this stove when touring in Europe, when he knows getting gas canisters isn’t a problem.

For trips further afield, when finding gas canisters could be a problem, Garry uses the Primus Omniful stove. A multi-fuel burner that works with almost any fuel you can think of! Even diesel! Again a very sturdy stove, although not as easy to control as the MSR. But still an excellent burner. Which also comes with a windscreen and heat reflector.

Campsite meals are cooked in the Vango 2 person cook set. Which unfortunately is no longer available to buy! The set consists of two polished stainless steel pans, with copper bottoms and lids. A copper-bottomed frying pan and two plastic cups. Which also double up as measuring jugs. Although Garry only carries the one cup. The whole set packs away neatly into one pot and has its own storage bag.

Cutlery is from an old cutlery set Garry had at home, and nothing special.

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