Italy Bicycle Tour

Italy bicycle tour. An extended ride in May, June and July of 2010. Garry started his journey to Italy by first cycling along the south coast of England to Dover, where he caught a ferry to Calais. Once in France, instead of heading south for Italy, Garry headed north for the Netherlands!? Garry was going to reach Italy by train, and the best way to do this was to catch the train from Amsterdam.

In France, Garry followed the coast, to Belgium. After Belgium, Garry reached Holland and continued cycling until he reached Amsterdam. Once in Amsterdam, Garry caught a train to Munich, Germany. From there he boarded another train to Venice, where his tour of Italy would begin. In Venice, Garry’s first problem was to get out of the city! Venice probably wasn’t the best of places to start a bicycle tour!

Once Garry found his way out of Venice, his Italy bicycle tour would start. Firstly cycling along the Adriatic coast down as far as Monopoli. From Monopoli, Garry cut across the heel of Italy, to Villa San Giovanni. There he caught a ferry to Sicily. After a very brief incursion into Sicily, Garry headed back to Italy. And made his way up the Medittarean coast, to France.

Garry continued to follow the Meditteranean coast, cycling as far as Monaco. From Monaco, he changed direction and headed inland, to Samoens, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France. Garry remained in Samoens, for a few weeks.

Back on the Road

Three weeks later Garry was back on the road, heading home. On his way, he passed, briefly through Switzerland! After Switzerland, Garry continued to cycle up through France. Where in Digoin he met Katrin, a Swiss cyclist, who was cycling the Loire Valley. Not really having any plans or timescale Garry decided to join her!

They cycled together until they reached Orleans, where Katrin ran out of time and had to return to Switzerland. Not wanting to continue on his own, Garry joined Katrin on the train to Paris. Where she would jump on another train home, to Switzerland. But, before parting, they agreed to finish cycling the Loire valley together at some point.

After Katrin had left Garry cycled out of Paris and up to Le Havre, where he caught a ferry back to England.

A total of 3095 miles cycled.

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