Radio Interviews

Here you can listen to the radio interviews Garry’s had while cycling around on his bike.

Unfortunately, Garry’s first-ever radio interview in 2008 on Spirit FM isn’t available. The station didn’t keep any recordings of it! It was just before Garry embarked on his first long-distance ride Bilbao to Bognor.

Garry McGivern in Nevada
Nevada USA May 2012

Wave 105 interview- October 2011

  • Wave 105, one of Garry’s local radio stations, interviewed Garry before setting off on his world tour. They broadcast the interview on the day Garry set off, 29th October 2012.

ABC Brisbane interview- May 2012

  • Garry’s following radio interview came six months later when he reached Brisbane in Australia. It was with Phil Smith of ABC Brisbane and broadcast on his Sunday show “The Sunday Spin” on 13th May 2012.

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One Reply to “Radio Interviews”

  1. Garry

    I had the pleasure of riding with you and sharing your company for a short time a few weeks ago. We met just after you left Mittagong and rode together until we reached the Wilton turn-off just south of Sydney. That day, you reached the Harbour Bridge and I have followed your journey ever since. Today I listened to the radio interview you posted from Brisbane.

    I will continue to follow your journey. You are an inspiration. I wish you every success in crossing the USA and trust that the people there will look after you.

    It is an honour to have have met up with you that day and I shall continue to follow your travels as you venture around the world.

    Happy pedalling for the rest of your life


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