Normandy Bicycle Tour

Normandy bicycle tour, October 2017, this was a surprise trip to France! Garry had intended going to the Isle of Wight! But after cycling to Portsmouth, to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight. He found out that he had just missed a crossing. And would have to wait another hour for the next! Instead of waiting, Garry cycled around the corner to the international ferry terminal. And booked a ferry to Le Havre instead! Ironically now having to wait three hours and a whole night before he would arrive!

In France

As Garry hadn’t intended going to France, he didn’t know where to go! His initial thought was to head for Paris. But not having the time for that he headed towards Dieppe instead! The last time Garry had cycled that way, was back in 2008, on his first long-distance ride. Garry had forgotten just how nice, it was along the Normandy coast, with its impressive white cliffs and historic towns!

Garry hadn’t intended, but arrived in Dieppe the same day! He only had another day or so left before he had to be home!  He could have cycled back to Le Havre, but that didn’t appeal to him! And cycling somewhere, only to have to return to Dieppe to catch the ferry, that was out! Unable to decide where to go! Garry decided to get the early crossing back to England, the following morning.

After deciding he was going home, Garry went to check into a campsite. Only to find it had just closed, for the winter season! Garry tried to find a hotel, but that never worked out either! In the end, after finding somewhere to eat, Garry went and waited in the ferry terminal!

After arriving back in England at Newhaven the following morning, Garry had a short ride along the coast back to Bognor Regis.

A pleasant weekend ride with 200 miles covered.

Garry’s photo album

Click on the picture to view Garry’s photos on his Flickr page.

Normandy, France October 2017
The route Garry took


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