Dorset and Hampshire Bicycle Tour

April 2017


Dorset and Hampshire bicycle tour. Garry had been busy working for much of the year, but suddenly found a gap in his work schedule, so he decided to go away on his bike for a few days.

Only having four days Garry thought that he would visit some of his favourite campsites, the ones that Garry tends to go to a couple of times a year when he goes off for the weekend.

First on his list was Redcliffe Farm in Wareham Dorset. After spending the night in Dorset, Garry headed back east to the New Forest where he spent his second night in another of his favourite campsites, Hollands Wood at Brockenhurst.

Still having some time left Garry thought that he would try out a new campsite that he had heard of in Greywell near Basingstoke which was only 50 miles away. The campsite was in the garden of a pub, and they didn’t charge to stay as long as you used the pub for a drink or food!

It was a good night at The Fox and Goose, and Garry has now put Greywell on his list of regular visits!

After Garry’s third night out, it was now time to go home.

Total miles covered 220

Garry’s route

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