Bicycle-Touring England February 2019

England February 2019, Garry’s had a long break from bicycle-touring. But finally, it’s over! Garry’s spent the last six months recovering from sepsis and a hip replacement, he had, back in August 2018!

But now Garry feels strong enough to head off on his bike; he wasn’t expecting to cover a huge distance or be away for very long! Mainly because he still has to go to the doctors every week!

Garry decided to follow the route he took on his first-ever long-distance cycle ride, cycling the 80-miles to Swanage!

His route would take him across the Isle of Wight. Crossing by ferry from Portsmouth at one end, cycling the 15-miles across the island to Yarmouth where he would catch another ferry across to the New Forest. He would then follow the coast along to Swanage.

Unfortunately, a series of events! Late ferries, punctures and Garry still not fully up to speed! All meant that he only made it as far as the Isle of Wight and had to spend the night there!

Let’s try again

After his forced stop on the Isle of Wight, Garry decided to take his time and go a long way around the island! And followed the south coast, one of Garry’s favourite parts of the island.

On arriving in Swanage Garry had the intention of camping, but in the end, realised that he really wasn’t up to it. So instead stayed at a Youth Hostel, which incidentally was up a ridiculously steep hill, not what you want at the end of a long days cycle ride!

The following morning Garry set off for Devizes his next destination. But once again fate dictated differently! The route Garry decided to take was hard! There was plenty of hills, and to top it all, a nasty road accident meant the road was closed, forcing Garry on a detour!

Being forced on his detour, Garry changed his destination, and instead of Devizes, he spent the night in Salisbury.

Another Change Of Plan

After being forced to change his route yesterday, he now had a bit of a dilemma, where too next? Now he was in Salisbury he was a lot closer to home than he’d anticipated! But maybe still a bit too far for Garry to manage cycling in one day!

He only had tomorrow free, as he had to be home the following day for a doctors appointment! But where could he go that wouldn’t take him too far away from home! In the end, he decided to head home, and if he didn’t make it in one go, he would stop the night somewhere on-route!

From Salisbury, Garry had his longest day in the saddle! But still managed to make it home to Bognor Regis, albeit rather tired and exhausted!

Although Garry didn’t cover a vast distance or cycle as many miles as perhaps, he would have done in the past; he still enjoyed himself. Finally being able to get on the road! Something he thought, for a while, he may never have been able to do again!

Total miles covered 240.


White cliffs

Garry’s Route


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