2009 Bicycle Tours

2009 bicycle tours, and three major tours in this year. This was Garry’s second year of cycle touring, fitting them in as and when work commitments would allow.

Garry was now looking at going further afield possibly somewhere out of Europe, but where? After a bit of thought, it came to Garry Morocco! It wasn’t in Europe, and it was relatively easy to get to without having to fly! So, at the end of March Garry set off on a 1400-mile cycle ride around Morocco.

Unfortunately, Garry’s second bicycle tour of 2009 wasn’t until August. Mainly due to an accident that left him unable to ride his bike for a few months! But now fully recovered Garry was going to cycle around Portugal, and into Spain. In Spain, he cycled along the rugged northern coast to Bilbao, in Bilbao he caught the ferry back to England.

It only took Garry a couple of weeks to ride back from Portugal, which wasn’t enough for Garry! And he’d only been home for a few days when he decided that he wanted to go on another tour! But where?

Garry decided that for his third and final tour of the year he was going to head for the emerald isle! Garry was off to explore Ireland, but to get there he first went to France!?

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Morocco April 2009
Portugal August 2009
Ireland August 2009


There are also plenty of smaller rides that Garry has completed throughout the year which can you can find in the archive section of the website, just click on a month to read more.

You can also find some of them on Garry’s Flickr page.

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