Portugal Bicycle Tour

Portugal bicycle tour, in August 2009. This was a return to Portugal, so Garry could collect his bike after he abandoned it here earlier in the year! It was back in April, and Garry had just cycled around Morocco and was hoping to cycle home via Portugal. Unfortunately, after crossing into Spain, Garry noticed a cracked rear hub/wheel! Not feeling very confident cycling with a broken rear hub, Garry decided to leave his bike at a friends villa in Portugal! Fly home with the rear wheel (This was back before Garry had the confidence to fly with his bike!) get the hub/wheel repaired, and fly straight back!

Unfortunately, a series of events, the final one being Garry fracturing his wrist, prevented him from returning. And it was nearly four months before Garry managed to make it back to Portugal!

Back in Portugal

Once reunited with his bike Garry set about completing his Portugal bicycle tour, by cycling around the coast of Portugal. Although August might not have been the best time of year, to attempt cycling around Portugal. The temperature on the first few days was in the 90’s! And Garry struggled to keep hydrated! However, as he headed up the Atlantic coast, things cooled down a bit, and on a few days, he had a sea fret, keeping it nice and cool.

Garry continued to follow the coast up to the small town of Caminha, where he crossed the Rio Minho into Spain. In Spain, Garry made his way up to the Unesco World heritage and pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela. And came across hoards of pilgrim’s making their way to the cathedral.

After leaving Santiago Garry headed for the rugged northern coast of Spain, which he followed along to Bilbao, where he caught a ferry back to England.

Miles covered 915.

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