2022 Bicycle Tours

Garry McGivern’s 2022 bicycle tours, will Garry ever get back to a full year of cycle touring? 2022 has been another lean year with only one tour. The beginning of the year started with Garry waiting to go back into hospital for another hip operation. After a long wait, the operation finally happened in June. Garry then spent another two weeks in hospital on intravenous antibiotics, followed by another four weeks of recovery at home before Garry was allowed back onto his bicycle.

Once allowed to cycle, Garry wasn’t going to hang around. He was off on tour as soon as possible. Unfortunately, a few days before he was going to leave, his health became a problem once again. Garry came out in a mass of blisters which covered his legs. And bearing in mind, the sepsis Garry contracted in 2018 was most probably caused by a blister. Garry decided to stay at home.


It was now the end of August, and the blisters had cleared up, finally allowing Garry to get away. But where should he go? After a little thought, Garry decided to go to France and head for Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. Two countries Garry had never toured, although he had been to Luxembourg briefly while on his world tour in 2012.

Unfortunately, the blisters reappeared less than a week into his tour, and Garry’s anaemia was making cycling very hard. He continued for a while, but the blisters were getting worse, and so was the anaemia. After reaching Troyes, Garry reluctantly decided it was probably best to turn around and head home. Garry arrived home in mid-September, less than three weeks after leaving home.

Once home, Garry then spent the rest of the year going backwards and forwards to the hospital in a bid to sort out his health problems.

Garry classes a tour as a ride over 500 miles (800 km). So although there may only be one tour here, Garry has completed smaller weekend rides, which can be found in Garry’s archive at the bottom of the website. And the best way to follow Garry on all his rides is to subscribe to his blog or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.


House over water
France August September 2022

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