2022 Bicycle Tours

Garry’s 2022 bicycle tours, as and when he completes them. Unfortunately, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, things are not looking too good for the early part of the year! There’s also the small matter of Garry having to go into hospital. He still has an infected hip that needs operating on, which will put him out of action for a few months! The operation is planned for early January, and hopefully, this time, things will all be okay!

With Garry out of action for the first part of the year, he’s hoping to get away in the second part. And maybe with a rather extensive tour! Until then, sign up for Garry’s blog and follow Garry’s progress back to full health.

All cycle tours will appear below as and when Garry completes them.

To see if Garry’s away touring at the moment, look at the Where’s Garry page.

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2022 Bicycle Tours

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