2010 Bicycle Tours

2010 bicycle tours, this was the year that Garry got a real taste for long distance cycling and being on the road for long periods of time! With nearly 5000 miles cycled!

Garry’s first tour of the year in April was to Wales and Ireland. It wasn’t the most successful of bicycle rides!

His second tour of the year was a 2500-mile ride around the coast of Italy.

After cycling around Italy, Garry crossed the Alps and finished his tour in Samoens in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France.

Garry stayed in Samoens for nearly a month before cycling up through France and back home.

On his way up through France Garry met a Swiss cyclist and was cycling the Loire Valley with her. They got as far as Orleans before they had to finish and part company. Her going back to Switzerland and Garry continuing to cycle up through France back to England.

His final tour of the year would see him return to France where he would meet up with Katrin, the Swiss cyclist. They were going to continue and finish cycling the Loire Valley.

Once they had finished cycling the Loire Valley, they headed back to England.

They spent a week at Garry’s house before cycling to Katrin’s home in Switzerland, where Garry would end his bicycle touring for this year.

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Wales and Ireland
Roman Colosseum
Chapel bridge
France and Switzerland

There are also plenty of smaller rides that Garry has completed throughout the year which can be found in the archive section of the website, simply click on a month to read more.

You can also find some of them on Garry’s Flickr page.
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