September 2021 Photos

Ferris wheel

September 2021 photos, there’s a bit more variety to the photos this month! Although not that much. Garry spent the first half of the month recovering from his third hip operation in as many months! But once he was released, Garry wasted no time getting out and about! Although he couldn’t go too far as he’s still not allowed to drive or cycle!

Due to the restrictions imposed on Garry, he spent a lot of time walking around Felpham and Bognor, taking random photographs. Many of the pictures that Garry took will be added to Garry’s Flickr page once he gets around to doing it! So he won’t bore you with them on here!

There are also a few photos that Garry took on a day trip to Brighton with Julie.

September 2021 Photos
Out Of Hospital
Photos From My Stay In Hospital
Hospital Food

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August 2021 Photos


August 2021 photos, as you might expect with Garry’s ongoing hip infection and hospitalisation, there’s not been much for Garry to photograph! But Garry being Garry, he’s still found some pretty inane things to photograph!

A lot of the pictures, as you might expect, have been taken in and around St Richard’s hospital. But there are also photographs from Garry’s day out to Chichester Marina. He’s also been busy in the kitchen cooking the odd meal. But as standing is still too painful, most of his meals have been in the microwave! There are also a few from his walk down to the beach.

There are also a few photos from Garry’s Instagram page.

August 2021 Photos

July 2021 Photos


July 2021 photos, just when you thought I’d gone away, I’m back!

I’ve been home from the hospital for four days now, and to be honest, nothing has really changed! My wound is still weeping, and as I said in my last post, I have the district nurse coming in every third day and the IV nurses every day. Although the IV nurses stop today, and I go onto more oral antibiotics.

Now to get back to the main reason for this post, July 2021 photos. A gallery of photographs that have been taken in July. Despite there being plenty of pictures, unfortunately, there’s not a lot of variety! As most photos were taken while in the hospital! Although after saying that, there are few pictures that I took in and around my garden, in between hospital visits!

There are also new photos and videos posted in July on my Instagram page.

June 2021 Photos
Back In Hospital

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June 2021 Photos


June 2021 photos, there’s plenty of photographs this month, as Garry’s spent a lot of time out and about on his bike. In fact, he’s spent more time cycling this month than in the whole of the past 18 months!

Although Garry’s spent a lot more time cycling and taking pictures this month. A lot of the photographs are from some of Garry’s regular haunts.

Garry’s also got a new camera which he’s been putting to good use. Which is another reason why there are so many photo’s!

Some photos also appeared on Garry’s Instagram page.

June 2021 Photos